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Past Issues

RaPAL Journal Catalogue

The most recent two years’ of journals are available to members. The links below provide Overviews (contents pages and editorial) and Full Journals for the back catalogue. In addition, the following institutions’ libraries hold near complete collections of past RaPAL journals and the previous bulletins:

Here we catalogue back issues:

  • RaPAL 106 2022/3 Open Edition
  • RaPAL 105 2022 International Perspective on Responses to Covid-19

  • RaPAL 104 2021/2 Qualifications
  • RaPAL 103 2021 Building Back Better
  • RaPAL 102 2021 RaPAL 100 and COVID-19
  • RaPAL 101 2020/21 Practitioner Action Research Edition
  • RaPAL 100(ii) 2020 Special Edition Back-up pdf

Legal Deposits

Since 2002, the RaPAL journals are deposited with:

where the publications can be accessed onsite.