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RaPAL is run by volunteers based throughout England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  This includes a Management Group, a Publications Group and Advocates. We currently have roles open: we are a great group and working with us is a form of ongoing learning and professional development – think about volunteering with us!  

The RaPAL Management and Publications Groups

The Management Group is an informal collective that holds regular meetings, both virtually and in person at different locations around the country. 

Two sub-groups deal with different aspects of the work: organisation and development, and publications. Each of these groups arranges its own meetings and minutes. All members meet together at the AGM and for one other meeting each year.

We have a number of positions open, including “ordinary members” who participate in working groups on current projects for a year or more. On a cyclical basis, officer positions are up for obligatory retirement and we appreciate seasoned RaPAL members taking these on and moving the organisation forward.

If you have any time to spare and would like to take advantage of the development opportunities RaPAL provides in the adult literacies sector, please do consider volunteering with us. Participation develops traditional officer roles such as Secretary or Treasurer but also experience in forms of digital interaction, teaching and learning; editing, reviews and publishing; event planning; project management; networking… and of course, adult literacies!

We have a wide range of roles, from informal and occasional to one year outlines to formal officer roles.

View members of the management and publications groups here

RaPAL Advocates

RaPAL also has a number of national and regional advocates who have volunteered to represent RaPAL in the areas where they live and work.

We are looking for new Regional Advocates.

Find your nearest RaPAL Advocate here

RaPAL Editorial Board

RaPAL has an Editorial Board of editors, lead editors and peer reviewers. We are looking for additional editorial board members.

Find our more about the Editorial Board here