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We're using our reserves to invest in micro-innovations in the sector, which support learners. We want all members to hear about each project in a journal article. As well as details of the project overall, articles are welcome to include multi-media, sample learner work and learner feedback (with permissions, of course).

If you work for an established organisation and would like to access a micro-grant of anything from fifty up to a few hundred pounds, please get in touch.

Micro-funding pots

Questions to think about:
  1. Who are my learners and what do they need now?
  2. What exactly am I proposing to do with my learners, and why?
  3. What is the literacy focus throughout this project?
  4. What resources do I need and where is there a funding gap?
  5. What will the impact be for individual learners, for the group, and for me?
  6. How will I collect 'evidence' through the beginning, middle and end of my project?
  7. Why do my learners and I need this funding?
  8. Has my organisation given written permission for me, the project and the journal article output?
  • 'Social practices' based proposals
  • Projects in the British Isles
  • Literacy learning
  • Limited to one application per member and two per institutional member per membership year
  • 66% of grant payment triggered at project start; 34% on project completion to include ready-to-publish journal article
  • Available from the second year of membership
Excluded costs
  • Duplication of state-funded provision
  • Salaries (though remission can be considered), rent, capital or administrative costs
  • Teacher-training provision
  • Costs already incurred